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Becoming a New Person

Becoming a New Person: What the Bible Teaches About Regeneration, Renewal, and Christ-likeness (c) 2004,2013, Eric H.H. Chang, ISBN 1-594678-51-0, 652 pages, Xulon Press, USA. Available from All Rights Reserved. Please do not copy or duplicate without written permission.


From the back cover: Most Christians will readily admit that they lack a solid understanding of the fundamentals of salvation. Although the Bible speaks of regeneration, renewal and perfection as the three main elements of salvation, most Christians are unfamiliar with any of these terms. Their understanding of such a vital matter is often limited to a few scattered Bible verses, which they would be unable to draw together into a coherent pattern. With that in view, Becoming a New Person engages the reader not only by elucidating what Scripture teaches about salvation, but also by conforming to how Scripture teaches it (e.g., placing our death with Christ at the starting point of salvation). The approach is exegetical, the style is thoroughly practical, and the tone is irenic, even when dealing with controversial subjects.

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